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The right types of workout clothing will be a big part of the success of your exercise program. While style is important to some people, comfort should always be the main concern. Your own personal taste will help in deciding on the color and even cut of the gears, but none of these will help if you find it difficult to exercise.

Clothing selection will also depend on the body’s measurements, gender and whether the woman is pregnant. For example, women who are pregnant will need to get comfortable maternity workout clothes. This is necessary since your regular outfits will not fit right throughout your pregnancy.

What is Important in Exercise Outfits

Failure to choose appropriate workout clothing can reduce the effectiveness of your exercise sessions. In fact, some people may avoid exercising all together because they find the clothes they wear so uncomfortable. Whether you are selecting suitable apparel for men or women, some things to bear in mind when choosing remain the same:

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  • Comfort: This is probably the most important part of choosing our exercise outfits. You need to be able to exercise without any chafing or uncomfortable riding up of your gym wear. The fabric should not be rough as this could lead to skin irritation.
  • Type of exercise: The workout clothing that is ideal for yoga is not the same for working with weights and vice versa. Yoga practitioners need clothing that will move with them as they get into their poses.
  • Get clothes with good wicking ability: This means that the fabric will pull the sweat away from your body, cooling you down while you exercise. Cotton is not the ideal material for this; rather it is better to go for synthetic fabric such as spandex and Lycra.
  • Go for layers: This way you can use the same outfits during hot and cold weather, as you just need to add or subtract layers as necessary.

Some people do not take underwear and socks into consideration when choosing exercise outfits but they should. For women, the right bra is necessary to keep them from putting their breast through the discomfort of bouncing during certain exercises. Cotton underwear, while comfortable and normally a good choice, is also not the best choice when your exercising routine results in lots of sweating.

Caring for Your Exercise Clothes

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Another important factor for anyone who is into exercising and keeping fit is how to make their workout clothing last. Since these outfits take a beating especially from sweat and odor, you need to wash them often.  Apart from following the manufacturer’s instructions for caring for your outfits, you also need pay attention to sweat stains and coloring in underarm areas.

One way to prevent sweat and odor from setting in is not to wait until laundry day to rinse them out. Instead, as soon as you can, preferably when you get home, soak them in a solution of vinegar and mild detergent.  Rinse and put to dry until you get a chance to properly wash them and you should be able to minimize odor.

To help protect your feet, you should ideally get new running shoes every six months at least. If this is not possible, you can clean the shoes with mild soap and water. Some people also periodically give them a wash to help not only with the look but also with odor. Placing a few tablespoons of baking soda inside them every night will help to keep them smelling fresh.

One mistake some people make when buying workout clothing is to use price as a main deciding factor. In addition to the factors above, your feelings about your body should also play a part in your choice. So if you do not want to draw attention to certain body parts choose clothes that fit but do not emphasize these areas. For example, if you have love handles wear plus size workout clothes that are not too close at the sides. With the right outfits, keeping active can be fun which will make your exercise regimen that much easier.

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