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Attractive gym workout clothes can provide confidence and motivation for a dieter to begin and continue a routine of exercising at the gym. Frankly, it is difficult sometimes to walk into a gym of lean, fit patrons and trainers when your goal of reaching fit and trim is many pounds away. Investing in some clothing that is practical and attractive can make those sessions far less stressful and maybe something you can enjoy.



Moisture wicking fabrics pulls the sweat from your body to the outside of the fabric and some popular brands include Dri-Fit, Capilene and Coolmax. Cotton clothing will absorb the sweat but takes longer to dry, so it can become sweat soaked, heavy and cling to your body.

Some people prefer fabrics of cotton or bamboo and claim that the moisture wicking fabrics disrupt the natural heating and cooling of the body and that your body core temperature is higher when you wear these fabrics. Silk is reputed to be a natural moisture wicking fabric but an expensive one that is subject to sweat stains. Cotton is the preferred fabrics it does soak up the sweat and it does allow the air to reach the skin until it is saturated.

The best approach is to purchase cotton as well as the moisture wicking fabrics and decide which works best for you. The intensity of the workout will determine the amount of sweating so perhaps you will find the most comfortable fabric unique to you and your fitness routine.


Pulling on seamless underwear bottoms made of sweat wicking material might be the best bet as sweating in thongs can move rectal bacteria to the vagina and urinary tract causing infection. Nanosilver has antimicrobial properties and keeps sweaty gym workout clothes fresh; however, after four or five washes, the Nanosilver washes out of the fabric and at least half of the Nanosilver is gone.

Warm moist environments such as that created on you body during workouts, can harvest the growth of bacteria; however, many raise the questions of safety and environmental impact of Nanosilver that have not been answered. Practicing good hygiene and thoroughly washing your gym workout clothes is probably a more economical and equally good alternative to the use of Nanosilver.

Women's Plus Size Sports Bra - Workout Wear

Breast Support

Both men and women can benefit from breast support to avoid chafing of nipples and tissue damage from unwanted bouncing. Although it is common for women to wear sports bras, many men avoid exercise that will bring attention to bouncing bosoms. Men have options besides sports bras as manufacturers do sell upper body compression vests that will keep the breasts from bouncing during exercise.


Pants should be capris, slim fitting long pants or shorts for women and shorts to knee length or close fitting pants to the ankle for men. Long, baggy sweat pants can catch on exercise equipment and can chafe against the skin when wet. Women, who are uncomfortable in close fitting clothes, can wear a running skirt or skort.

Fruit of the Loom apparel


Athletic shoes with white, thick and short socks are the best footwear to compliment your gym workout clothes.

Check Your Outfit

You should try on your gym clothes before going for the workout to see if the clothes fit well, stretch with you and keep you covered. Tank tops in particular can appear to keep you well covered but during a stretching, sweaty exercise session can loosen.

Before heading to the gym in what seems to cover everything, try some jumping jacks, bend overs and side-to-side stretches to see if the tank maintains their cover. Even if an unexpected wardrobe malfunction doesn't bother you, it may distract or upset others.

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