Why Get 6 Pack Abs?

6 pack abs should be the goal whatever workout or diet program you follow. Natural looking abs can result to a lot of things in your physical, mental and social aspects of life. Here are some reasons why you should workout with such purpose; and discover action steps you can do to get the lean, fit body you deserve.

1. You will look/feel good.

Having a great body feels really good. If you have fat to lose now imagine how good you will look at fit clothes, with your shirt off and just by looking in the mirror every morning feeling good about yourself.

...I appreciate these things nowadays because I know how it feels to carry so much weight.

I weighed 220 pounds and I know what it feels like to want to wear larger clothes to cover the bulging tummy. There was a time for acceptance but also time I was not happy of how I looked in the mirror. My girlfriend still finds me attractive but for mostly of my personality and not the way I look. Talk about emasculating!

Most common differences between then and now was when I sweat, I smelled bad. It is so easy to get perspired, hungry all the time (mostly at 2-3 hour intervals) and I was snoring like crazy. 

Then I started losing weight for 6 months and things really do change. The way you look at food, way you think about exercise and the way you look at the mirror gives you that feeling you deserve a good looking body.

Getting 6 pack abs will take time depending on how much fat you need to lose but the journey and sacrifices is so worth it.

2. More women will feel attracted to you.

Female attraction is based from physical looks. The more muscular and fit you look, the more chances of you finding the most attractive woman possible.

Sure there are things that women also consider like money, job or personality, but if you want to tap into her subconscious mind, then having 6 pack abs or a fit, muscular body is the answer.

Better aim for the natural looking muscular fit body with 6 pack abs because most women find bulky "gym-rats" unattractive. 

The reason is men with naturally fit muscular bodies is a sign of good health and the ability to give good offspring. This happens in their subconscious so ladies won't realize it but will feel "magnetized".

3. Men will respect you.

Men subconsciously respect men who are fit and muscular. In nature a naturally muscular guy tends to be "alpha male". Having fat lying around the midsection with small extremities is considered weak.

If you want to command respect from other men without really trying, get 6 pack abs with a proportionally muscular body and see the difference yourself. 

4. You can enjoy the foods you want without feeling guilty.

One thing that you will learn during your journey to 6 pack abs is control over calories. Overlooking the diet aspect can make or break your efforts. 

You will have diet rules that should allow you to enjoy the foods you want without becoming fat. In case of going over, if you habits in place, it is easier to get back the lean body than forever trying to get lean.

5. it's better than being fat.

There are health problems to be concerned about when you are fat. The thing is you may not feel it after years and year, but complications can build up through a lifestyle of overeating.

It's better to move in a fit muscular body with 6 pack abs rather than carrying unnecessary weight, don't you think?

Time for Action

As I said the time needed to get 6 pack abs depends on how much fat you need to lose, your motivation and consistency to take action. 

In essence the two things you need to focus on right now is:

  • eat less below your basal metabolic rate
  • workout to gain your maximum potential muscle

To Program or Not to Program?

If you are like me who wants to figure out everything alone, then you need to go through extensive research and formulate your own diet and workout program. Some of the disadvantages is you need to collect so much information (through a course or the internet-which mostly are bodybuilder-oriented) and ask:

  • does it align with my goals?
  • will it help me eat less?
  • will it help me build the body I want?

...and go through the painstaking road of trial and error. 

Or you can take my word for it based on my own trial and error and eat less through an intermittent style fasting lifestyle and/or a relaxed weight loss diet program. Both are incorporated in my lifestyle and works ridiculously good for shedding off fat because of its simplicity and honesty. 

To get the maximum muscle I genetically have, I use a proportion-oriented workout system to build muscle. If you want to build muscle without steroids, then you need a more strategic workout program than whatever free workouts you find online.

You have seen some of the benefits and the strategies needed for 6 pack abs and a great looking body. If you are ready to take action then make simple plans you will do for the next couple of days and stick to it. 

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