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Most people workout to aim for the perfect body. What does “perfect” mean? Is it about bigger muscles or a certain percentage of body fat? Define first the look you want to achieve your and goals so you never have to spend your time aimlessly working out.

"A sense of direction is one of the best things in life you could ever have. You will fail and succeed most of your life, but a sense of direction gives you that flexibility to try anything until you find something that defines you."

A Sad Observation


I often see people day in and day out in the gym but look the same as the day they entered the gym. This is the result from people who are “occasional gym-goers”: meaning they try to lose weight when they feel it is urgent.

I notice most people in the gym trying to build muscle and lose weight through cardio when:

  • Summer is near
  • After holidays
  • They are getting married soon


After losing some weight they vanish for a couple of weeks months or years and repeat the same pattern year after year.

Why Your Workout Matters

I often meet new people in the gym and ask them why do they workout. The common answers I hear is they want to at least have something that would rid them of the guilt of overeating. So they try to burn fat lifting weights without any program and do cardio until they just don’t feel like it anymore. I learned through the years that the physical appearance change when the mindset changes.

This is why a reason to workout matters before starting anything related to fitness, like calorie restriction for weight loss and muscle building to look good. Through the years I realized I workout because I feel good. I feel good when week after week of progressive resistance training makes me look good to reach that “perfect body”.

After you reach that look you want, the natural next step is to maintain it. If you have reached that certain level, ripped abs will feel like normal to you.

What is the Ideal Body?


It is all about proportion. and has three components:

  • Height
  • Shoulders
  • Waist

The relationship of your height to your shoulders and waist defines how attractive your body is. A good gauge that you are getting close to your ideal proportion is when women and men treat you a bit different in a positive way without them knowing. Our society through the years has based the way we socialize, especially with the opposite sex through beauty and perfection.

If you can workout with that in mind, the way you view the gym and working out will be at a whole new level.

Many of the workout programs are either built for the bodybuilder type or the lean, athletic look type. The latter is rarer even in online programs because not many people are aware of what really the perfect body should look like. The previous generations defined a great body to having bigger muscles.

…until now.

A Fresh Start


If you have been doing the same workout program over and over again and you are not happy with the way you look, then a fresh and open mind is important.

The first step is to learn what the proportions of the waist, height and shoulder measurements are to get that perfect body. A good example in history is Greek art. They define their idea of the perfect body through their art. The overall look is what I can call proportionally attractive.

Next is to know where you are right now. Take measurements of your shoulder circumference, your waist and your height. It will be brutal to accept that you may have to workout in a different way if your measurements don’t define that proportions or are too far from it. Realizing and accepting it though, is a good first step.

You may have to condition your mind also about lifting weights and cardio. Forget about aimlessly lifting more and more weights with the hope of building more and more muscles.

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Hours and hours of cardio to burn fat won’t get you the perfect body and is a waste of time if you do not have a goal in mind or a workout program that helps you define your goals.

The perfect body is achievable, and it is all about proportion. In choosing a workout program make sure that it aims to help you get that proportions needed and all the time and money spent is worth it.

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