Weight Loss Help from Social Pressure

Weight loss help can come from more than a effective workout or diet program. Like anything in life, many of your personal achievements in life come from a form of social pressure. You are good and getting better at what you do because someone cares. This is one of the best motivators to achieve amazing results.

“Weight Loss is a battle of the mind more than anything; and you will need all the weight loss help you can get to see measurable progress”

Do you notice when you sometimes cram to lose weight before going to the beach or an event is coming up. In this scenario, you want to lose weight because of social validation. When you feel looks are important for the occasion, you do everything in your power to look your best.

Pressure: Good Form of Stress for Action


The pressure of social validation to lose weight can cause serious eating disorders or obsessive behavior. Social pressure should be a big motivator in addition to a safe and effective weight loss program for faster results.

Pressure can get a bad rep because it is associated with stressful jobs and some situations we are forced to deal with. In this article social pressure means that “push” you get when your own motivation is not enough. It is a good thing because based from experience; you will want some sort of appreciation even though you are doing something for yourself.

Motivation When You Feel Like Giving Up

There will come times when you will want to give up on that workout routine or diet program. It is normal because lifestyle changes that involve food and effort are more difficult when you are your own motivator.

Friends that say “hey you are looking good!” or asking you questions on how to look that good on clothes or on the beach usually are great indicators of progress. While tape measures indicate tangible results, nothing is more encouraging but some words of appreciation, especially when you need weight loss help.

Lose Weight Because Someone REALLY Cares

In order to achieve you desired body, reasons matter. If you are looking to lose weight just because and maybe some social approval of people who don't even care, in the long run you will likely give up that diet program or exercise plan. It is just not enough motivation to please people who will not care whether you look good or not.

Friends and family are the first group of people you will want weight loss help from other than yourself. Your milestones will be determined on how people close to you support you in achieving your goals. It can be a form of encouragement in difficult times or praises when you lose pounds. If you feel they will be disappointed or sad, you won't give up.

Eliminate Negative Social Pressure

Not all people will support you along the way. If they do not agree or tend to go against your weight loss goals, drop them. At least not involve them in your courses of action.

I remember when I was just starting out exercising and cutting down calories, there were months when I doubt myself in achieving the look I want because deep inside I felt I needed some appreciation. Seeing some results in weeks I got some discouraging comments when I first started from some relatives for some unknown reason. After some time I look better on clothes and on the beach and they started noticing, People usually won’t notice positively until they see you really looking confident.

There are members in your family and friends that tend to go against what you want to achieve. Although you value their opinion, this can be damaging if you do not take away your focus on what they say. You can take it as a challenge, but what you need is a balance of vibes of constructive comments and resistance to achieve faster and more consistent results.

Celebrating Achievements

Social approval can be helpful in consistency in action, and people who care will usually appreciate and/or encourage you more. If you lose certain amount of weight, you should broadcast it to your friends and family by wearing clothes that show of your figure or taking pictures and post them online. Make sure you share your weight loss achievements in a way that won't make them feel awkward.

A good example is when your spouse finds you sexier and leaner; this can lead to better sex and confidence. Such motivation is strong enough to get you consistent even when you fail at times.

It is easy to give up when nobody cares if you change or not, so there is nothing wrong wanting weight loss help from the ones close to you about your weight loss goals. In fact, it is a big part of your future results. Humans are social in nature; use it to achieve your goals faster.

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