Beyond Weight Loss Tips

How to Lose Weight Even if You Failed Before

Have you been reading weight loss tips that: 

  • have too many rules?
  • stop you from eating the foods you love?
  • leave you confused? 
  • help you lose weight, but eventually gain it back? 
  • leave you no room to eat at events or at Happy Hour? breaks down what methods and concepts that actually works to burn fat and keep it off. No more guessing- so you can focus action for a leaner and fitter you.

"My mission is to help you find a way to eat less and move more with simple strategies you can actually do whatever circumstances you have. I want you to live a vibrant and happy life by helping you take control of the way you eat and exercise."

  • Lose weight and keep it off by following a few essential diet concepts nobody normally talks about.
  • Have a lean Greek-god-like body by following proper workout strategies/programs.
  • Stay sexy and in-control 365 days a year by learning how deal with the ups and downs of weight loss.

Balance is Key

The style of the workouts and diets here are not like your average weight loss site.

...weight loss tips and workout strategies I share are based on BALANCE.

Workouts. Unlike most of the muscle building websites' mantra that bigger is better, I suggest ideas or programs based on a natural yet muscular looking body. Think Hollywood actors.

Diet. Tips and strategies I share is about finding a way to eat less without complicated rules for consistent action. This mindset is contrary to some sites that tell you so many rules you should follow. Studies show that restrictive, over-complicated diets can cause:

  • inaction caused by paralysis by analysis
  • binge eating or gaining more weight due of crash diets
  • guilt feelings 

My mission is to show you the strategies that will help you lose weight without changing your preferences in food or exercise.

A New You

After all is said and done...Imagine:

  • enjoying all your favorite foods
  • be the envy of people because of your rockin' body
  • freedom from guilt eating out 
  • stress-free everyday fearing you will gain weight

Focus on taking action, one tip at a time. 

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