Full Body Workouts

The thought of participating in full body workouts might sound overwhelming or it may be exactly what you want to get in shape for your wedding, after having a baby, in time for summer or just to improve your health. You have many options, some of which are intense but most are as relaxing as Pilates or as light as running, and you can do most of these from the comfort of your own home or neighborhood. If you are ready to feel great and look good, keep reading so you can get started.

Water Aerobics Workouts

One of the best ways to workout is in the water because it helps to relax your muscles and the resistance means you do not need to use weights, making your time in the pool enjoyable. Working out in the water is also easier on your body because, unlike running, your back, knees, ankles and feet do not take an impact.

Another bonus to exercising in a pool or ocean is that you cannot fall, lose your balance or miss a target so if you have trouble with coordination or dizziness, this type of workout is ideal for your situation.

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As good as water workouts are, you should also be aware of some important information to help keep you safe while exercising. For instance, you should try not to work out alone because slips and trips can happen around the pool and if you are older or have health issues, a problem could arise even though you are engaging in a light workout.

If you are looking for full body workouts to do in the water at a location outside of your home, choosing a program with a certified instructor is a plus and it helps you to stay motivated if you can find a group with participants around your age.

Track and Field Workouts

Among the top full body workouts are those that require you to run because you literally tone everything, inside and out. Running strengthens your legs and back muscles, promotes heart health, helps break down and eliminate plaque buildup in your arteries, gets rid of arm flab and gives you a flat stomach, with hips that are love handle free.

This type of workout is also great because you can set your own pace and mix up the scenery, such as opting to walk and jog by the water one day, then choosing to run up and down a hill another day. You can also just stick to running circles on the field and adding some excitement by doing hurdle jumps, having races or just trying to beat your own time.

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Pilates Workout

Pilates is another of the full body workouts that is good for your heart, helps stretch your muscles and tone your physique. It has different levels of endurance and you can do the exercises at home via YouTube or join a class, make some friends and just enjoy your journey to a healthier, sleeker you.

However, Pilates is not intense, not doing much more than stretch and tone. If you need to lose weight or want to tone up while trimming down, you need to throw in some cardio exercises, like jumping rope or jogging. If you do not have time or just really want to tone, add some light weights to your exercise routine, as this helps build muscle and you get faster results.

All of these full body workouts offer benefits for your physique and to your health so if you are serious about improving your quality of life, pick one or mix it up and get started. Motivation and procrastination are always the two biggest challenges but if you keep making excuses, you are never going to start but once you do, you are not going to want to stop.

Working out, especially on your whole body, makes you feel so good, even mentally and emotionally because you release happy hormones, also known as endorphins, so figure out your goal, the best way for you to reach it and do it!

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