Six Pack Abs Workout

The benefits of a six pack abs workout go way beyond helping you to appear more attractive. Belly fat puts you at risk for a number of health conditions including heart disease and diabetes. Carrying extra weight around your midsection can also cause you to develop back pain as your stomach sags and pulls your back muscles inward.

Surprisingly, many people ignore this part of the body, even if they do work out occasionally. Some people rely heavily on their cardio routines to try to get rid of belly fat instead of dedicating some time to a six pack abs workout. Burning belly fat can be a slow, arduous process. It takes discipline and patience to see the kind of results you wants. It is worth nothing therefore that most programs that promise quick results are probably not worth your time.

Finding the Right Routine

Nowadays fitness experts continue to develop new exercises for trimming fat from the stomach. Some are more challenging than others, and undoubtedly, you will find that some are just too difficult for you. The good thing is that you don’t have to start with rigorous exercises especially if you are not fit enough. You can start with basic crunches, sit-ups and core exercises, and then increase the level of difficulty as your stomach muscles get stronger.

You will also have to decide between a set abdominal training session for the week, or shorter workouts you can do daily or every other day. This decision will largely rest on the amount of abdominal fat you are trying to get rid of, as well as your ultimate goal. Keep in mind that better results will be evident if you incorporate some dietary changes, including:

  • Not eating meals late at night
  • Cutting back on refined carbohydrates and sweets
  • Increasing your vegetables intake
  • Drinking more water

Most trainers will advise you that repeating one basic routine is not enough for a proper long term six pack abs workout. A look at some training videos online will show that it is best to use more than one types of exercise during each session. This allows you to attack the stomach muscles from different angles, allowing you to burn fat faster.

The following is a possible routine you could use for one session in a six pack abs workout. It involves three exercises that you can perform in one of two ways. You can do one set of each exercise with ten repetitions without a break between exercise, then rest for a minute or more after completing the full set. You can also do three sets of each exercise with ten repetitions, then rest for two or more minutes before moving on to the next exercise.

The Bicycle

This is relatively easy for almost anyone

  • Lie flat on your back, raise both feet of the floor and place your hands on your temples.
  • With a slight twisting motion, turn your right elbow inwards pointing it across the body to your left knee. At the same time, pull the left knee towards your chest.
  • The idea is to keep your shoulders off the floor and try to make the elbow touch the knee, while the other leg is straight.
  • The return the leg to its original position and perform the same action with the left elbow and right knee.

Crunches – Elbows to Knees

This is a common exercise but can be a little taxing at first since you have to work harder to get the elbows to your knees. If you cannot get them to touch at first, just get them as close as you can.

  • Lie flat on your back and raise your legs up until the knees are pointing directly at the ceiling.
  • Perform a normal crunch, lifting your shoulders off the floor, and try to touch your knees with your elbows.
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Reverse Crunch

This exercise works the lower part of the abdominals:

  • Lie flat on your back and place your hands palm down beside your hips.
  • Bend your knees slightly and raise your hips off the floor, while keeping your feet together.
  • At the top of the movement the feet should point at the ceiling.
  • Lower the feet but don’t allow them to touch the floor.
  • Stop a few inches from the floor to keep the tension in the muscles.

A six pack abs workout routine can utilize these or any number of other exercises. When you perform them regularly, you will begin to notice a gradual decrease in your waistline. A search online will provide you with other good exercises that can help you. If you go to a gym, and you have concerns about belly fat, a trainer will be able to provide you with effective belly fat reducing routines.

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