How to Get Ripped Abs


A nice set of ripped abs should not be a dream or fantasy. If you believe you deserve such goal then I will show you the key components to reveal the abs that you can be proud of. This is not a short-term thing though, this will take you tweaking your lifestyle until you find the combination of eating and exercise habits that you can do for the long term.

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

The weighing scale is a good measure of progress in losing weight but the ultimate indicator that you are getting closer to ripped abs is the mirror. Look at the mirror and take your waist and weight that is what it takes.

For starters, choose to lose a certain amount of weight that feels realistic for you to achieve, like 5-10 pounds. If you can lose 5-10 pounds in a month, you can lose a lot more to reveal that abs.

The Plan

Burn Fat around the Abs


The main thing that keeps you from revealing ripped abs is the overall fat covering your body. There are a lot of things you can do to burn fat but without all the hype you need to focus on:

Calories in should be less than calories out Whether its exercise or diet, you will want to create a calorie deficit to burn as much fat as possible. If you want to burn fat through shortcuts, you may be disappointed later on. I learned the hard way that there is no shortcut to burning all that fat in weeks.

…The less realistic a goal is to you, the more likely you won’t achieve it.

Diet for Ripped Abs

To burn the fat and water weight around your abs, you need to find a way to eat less without feeling tortured or developing obsessive compulsive eating disorders. Find a way to eat less frequently and/or reduce the calorie intake in every meal. It is not necessary to change your diet overall, just stick to small promises to eat less and stick to it.

Another thing, create a calorie deficit in most days of the week so you can enjoy a day or two of lose dieting, without going overboard of course. This way you will enjoy the foods you love and not suffer during the weekends or social events.

Get Lean Through Resistance Training


While losing weight in dieting, you will look more attractive if you get lean toned muscles not just in your abs. Resistance training workouts is a good way to workout your abs without doing crunches or any direct ab workout.

I have seen time and time again people abs crunching away in hope of revealing that abs. It only builds more muscles to it but it doesn’t get that lean looking ripped abs. Without any consideration to diet and burning fat, it will just look bigger, not ripped. Remember to workout with proper form and progress for a long term rockin’ body.

Workout and Diet Programs Save Time

Workout and diet programs are great help to get ripped abs. It takes all the trial and error stuff of eating less and working out properly. Early years of my fitness life has been devoted to experimenting and trial and error, until I learned to invest the time and money in the right programs.

Choosing the right diet and workout program takes a while, because of all the fad diets and exercise routines out there, not only is it hard to choose, but it costs money also to try if it isn’t fitting in your lifestyle. It is easy to get blinded by the sometimes made-up success stories they put in the sale pages. Without you knowing how the program can affect your life, it’s hard to compare results with others.

How Will I Know If a Diet Program Works?


This can get a little tricky because what works for me may not appeal to you. A diet plan for example, may outline what you should be eating at how many grams and how many times a day. That kind of diet plan may work for some, but it doesn’t suit my lifestyle. Counting calories is impossible for me with a busy schedule and all other things in life. For a time being following a diet plan like that alienated people around me at social events.

If a diet program can help you eat less consistently without feeling tortured or making you look weird among friends and family, that is the solution for you.

How Will I Know If a Workout Program Works?

We all go to the gym because we want to look good. A workout program should make you feel and look good, and make you understand what kind of “look” you want to achieve.

An effective workout program understands muscle growth at its different aspects. In order to look sexy, you need to develop all the muscles in your body in size, proportion and definition. Developing ripped abs is no different; you need the proper size and definition that you can be proud of.

Ripped abs is a long term venture that is composed of right diet, workouts and proper motivation. Good indicators of progress are short term goals you can set yourself in relation to this long term result. Make sure you find a way to eat less and workout to aim for proportion.

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