Protein Powder for Weight Loss: Important Considerations


A good protein powder is one of the best investments you could ever have for your health, whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle. There are lots of variants and formulas out there, how will you choose the one that suits your goals? This article sheds light on using it for weight loss.

Advantages for Weight Loss

Help Minimize Your Cravings

Protein is known to provide the feeling of satiety. Based from experience, this provides the feeling of satisfaction better than its equivalent in carbohydrates.

Too much of the simple carbohydrates and sugar makes your blood sugar rise, giving you sudden bursts of energy, much like a sugar rush. Unfortunately though, this is short-lived. After a while, you will feel tired and sleepy.

If you are looking to avoid cravings by feeling full, a low-carb, high protein smoothie can help you get your energy consistent. Some of the food groups that also help are fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, pastas etc.)



There are lots of flavors to choose from nowadays, and recipes for great-tasting meal supplements are abundant online.

No boring taste = Consistent Results

This gets you consistent if you plan to make working out a part of your lifestyle; thus helps your muscles recover more efficiently.

Side Note:


Although it helps when we take enough protein in our diet to build muscle, it does not guarantee gaining. Progressive resistance training combined with sleep makes sure your muscles get trained and recovers well.

If a powdered protein drink creates muscle alone, wouldn't it save all the hard work of working out?

You do not need to obsess how much protein you take to build muscle.

...The truth is revealed in How Much Protein? I suggest you take a look.

Factors You Should Consider

There are lots of variants available, from whey to soy-based. There are lots of differences between them based on how they were produced and interact with our bodies.

The only thing you should be concerned of are allergies or intolerances to the ingredients you commonly find in a protein powder.


When weight loss is the main concern, calories matter a lot. There are protein powders that have high calories and the opposite. Such calories can go from 1000 to 2000 calories in one serving!

Good thing is that evolution through years of science and experimentation resulted into low in calories and still have the significant amount of proteins enough to help the muscle recover as efficient as possible due to resistance training.


Price, Flavor and Availability

Protein powders don't cost a lot, but are not that cheap either. If you are looking for a worth while investment, take time to see what you can spend money on month after month. Some research on where is it available will also help you decide.

Flavors matter too. A variety of flavors will help you enjoy its taste and experiment on different recipes.

Amount of Protein

One of the most controversial issues through the years in the fitness industry is the amount of protein. Weight loss and looking lean should not be as specific in the amount of calories because it can only lead to obsession.

A good balance of protein and low calories makes sense in weight loss.

Calories in, calories out... all that matters.

Here's a good protein powder to help you lose weight by minimizing your cravings; making you lean while losing weight.

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