Beach Body Workout

When summer approaches, a beach body workout is on the minds of many people, especially those who plan on hitting the beach. Many want to get their tummies and thighs firmer, while others may be thinking about their butts and arms. Whatever body parts they want to work, for most people it means a lot of work but they will do whatever it takes.

Some people will hit the gym while others may find it more convenient to exercise at home. It is possible to find many great exercises online, so anyone who is serious about getting a learner body has options.  Some websites actually have beach body workout plans that you can follow.

For Women

As the summer season draws near, many women start working out and dieting as they want to get their bodies in shape for bikini season. While the beach body workout plan below is primarily for women, some components are great for men as well. Over a two month period, this program can help make your body ready for a bikini or other type of bath suit. One routine that can help tone as well as shed fat is:

  • Do 30 minutes of cardio at least three times per week. This can be any combination of running, swimming, cycling or any other activity that gets the blood flowing and increases the heart rate.
  • Adding some resistance training for toning and muscles is a necessity: Great resistance exercises include lunges and squats.
  • Pushups are a good upper body exercise and it helps to develop your arms, chest and it helps strengthen your upper back and abdominal area. These are fairly easy yet they work most of your upper body. Another plus is that you will not need any equipment since it is strictly a bodyweight exercise.

If you want a specific program to get that slim, feminine and sexy physique, you should get a workout program like the Visual Impact for Women to be sexy all year round!

Exercises that work the buttocks, abdomen and legs are important if you really want to get in shape. Of course, great arms are typically part of the summer trend, and toning them is also important. This body part is the focus of most people who want to get ready for summer. For the arms, dumbbells and barbells are great pieces of equipment to use in your exercise routines. These provide the resistance necessary for building biceps and reducing those unsightly flaps on the upper arms.

For Men

Men too want to look their best on the beach or in summer wear. They have choices when it comes to the type of beach body workout they want to follow. Apart from regular activities such as cardio and weights, men can also improve their bodies by putting in time doing:

  • Pushups: Few exercises have the power to build and shape the upper body like pushups.  Done properly as part of your fitness routine, you will build your chest, triceps and of course strengthen your core and back.
  • Weight training is great for building muscles and dropping weight. If you are dieting and working out, using weights will also help tone your muscles so there is no flab.
  • Work your abs by doing some planks and dieting down to see those ab lines. Using an exercise ball will up the ante and help hasten the process of hardening your core without the dangers of crunches to your spine.

Build a proper beach body you can keep by taking control of your calorie intake and build your muscle strategically with a program like the Adonis Index Systems. Click the link for a short presentation.

Whether you are male or female, it is important to work each body part at least once in your routine. Even if your problem area is your tummy, you should still put in some leg and chest work. A beach body workout program should not be just for having a bikini body, it should also help you to improve muscle tone and keep fit all year long.

To make sure you are in the best shape ever, you also need to watch what you eat. The best advice is to cut down on carbs, fats and sweets as these can easily derail your hard work.

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