Womens Workout Clothes

Lino Racerback Tank Top

With the interest in fitness, you have choices in womens workout clothes so it is likely you can find something to make you comfortable while looking attractive. Some people prefer tight fitting clothes while others like a looser fit, but most importantly is to find clothes that support you, and do not chafe or cause blisters.

Moisture Wicking Fabrics

Moisture wicking fabrics such as Under Armour, CoolMax and Dri-Fit pull the moisture or sweat from your body to the outside of the fabric where it can dry. Cotton and bamboo fabrics allow the skin to breathe as well but they absorb the wet and if you are sweating a lot, the fabric can cling to your body. Depending on how much you are sweating from your workout and your individual preference, you can choose the fabric for womens workout clothes that best suits you.

Sports Bras

Alo Activewear Core Sports Bra

You need breast support whether you are doing high or low impact workouts and you have three styles of sports bras from which to choose:

  • Encapsulation style has two cups, which separate and support each breast. This type of support is good for aerobics, running and jumping workouts for large, full-breasted women.

  • Compression style binds the breasts with an elastic band and is a good option for small-breasted women.

  • Combination is a cross of the compression and encapsulation is the best bra for medium to large breasted women.

Straps of the bra should be wide enough not to cut into your shoulders, have deep armholes and minimal seams to prevent chafing. Before purchasing your first sports bra, you should try on different bras to determine if they fit right. Jump up and down, twist and bend to be sure they protect you from chafing because workouts should enhance your overall health and you don’t want to stretch or injure the connective breast tissue.

You should replace your bras when they lose their support capabilities, if the straps become stretchy or the band starts rolling or slipping out of place. Bras that no longer provide the support that you need for your workout may be suited for lounging at home.


Warm and moist environments promote the growth of bacteria that can cause itching and chafing and overall discomfort in your genital area. Moisture wicking cotton underwear is the best product for women who work out as it pulls the excess moisture away from the body. ExOfficio and Moving Comfort both carry underwear specifically for workouts.

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Tank tops are included in womens workout clothes and they often work well in exercise routines. You should jump, lunge, run or whatever is a part of your workout routine to be sure the tank top keeps you covered. Choose lightweight tops that absorb sweat and move it from your skin, and never wear plastic or rubber suits, as they will hold in the heat causing your body to overheat.

According to Fitness Magazine, for round bodies, choose loose tops that tie or cinch at the bottom but will cover your stomach.  For pear shapes, you should wear light colors on top to bring attention upward.


LinoMulti Colored Bra Top

Womens workout clothes should include skorts, capris and shorts, which are all appropriate for workouts. Loose baggy pants such as sweat pants are not a good choice as they can catch on equipment, become heavy from sweating and add bulk and clumsiness to your exercise routine.

You should wear tights or spandex shorts to prevent inner thigh chafing. Roll down waist pants compliment pear shaped women and round woman should choose capris or tights under their loose blouses according to Fitness Magazine.

Womens workout clothes need to be functional, supportive and appropriate first and then fashionable. Fortunately the emphasis on fitness has created a market for this type of clothing and designers and companies make clothes that do it all. The clothing not only protects you from injury, it is attractive, comfortable and fun to wear.

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