How to Lose Weight Fast:
First Things First


The answer on how to lose weight fast is simple; but not easy. It can get confusing if you don't know where to start. When people come to me for advice on how to lose weight fast, more or less I tell them basic but effective strategies such the ones that are outlined below.

Sadly, not all people lose the weight they want. It is not about the method they have chosen to follow, but on how it is simple for them to understand and how it is built upon the mantra of "eating less and progressive exercise". No matter how a program is built, its effectiveness comes from how you get consistent with it.

Many people confuse the words "simple" and "easy" when it comes to weight loss. Outlined below are simple ways on how to lose weight fast, adapting one habit at a time adds up to your weight loss arsenal. Take your time while moving forward

How soon will I lose weight?

While I jot down the essentials on how to lose weight fast, only you can tell how much pounds you will lose and how many weeks or months it will take. Half the battle of losing weight comes down to how you think and follow your chosen courses of action.

Here are the first steps I suggest you take:

Decide to Lose Weight

Many people want to lose weight, but are not completely convinced themselves that they can lose weight. Whether you believe it or not, you can control your weight. This is the first but essential step on how to lose weight fast. The more convinced you are, the sooner the results.

Set Short Term Goals

In order to get consistent with results, set targets that are believable and acceptable for you now. Weight loss is about how you set short term goals in relation for your long term one.

A good example is when I set my short term goal to lose at least 2 pounds per week. Seeing the following week I am lighter by 2 pounds. This makes me happy and sets me in the mood to follow diligently my workout routine and diet strategy. This is in relation to my long term goal which is to get lean and stay that way.

Are you motivated now?


Then every successful weight loss story is built upon mastering how to...

Eat Less


This step is a difficult pill to swallow if you are losing weight for the first time. Habits are hard to break and cravings are hard to control at times. This step is supposed to be taken slowly but surely.

Expect that you won't see dramatic results, but you can overcome mental battles of cravings and too much calorie intake, one little habit at a time.

First, accept the truth that you can eat lesser than what you are eating right now. When people asks me how to lose weight fast, I often say to them that eat less that feels comfortable for you. If you have done the first step and decided to lose weight, you will find eating less more rewarding.

If you want to lose weight fast, there is also an option to pick a diet program. That way all you need to do is to follow it to a tee and have the motivation to get you going.

A bit of warning though, you need to avoid obsessive compulsive eating disorders to not let your weight loss quest alienate the people around you.

Add Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

Weight loss is a mental battle more than anything else. If you feel you need to eat, having fruits for snacks takes a lot of space in your stomach, which helps you reduce you calories by a lot. You can trick your mind to lose weight fast by eating slowly and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Use a Workout Routine to Accelerate Results

Eating less than you burn is the main concern of weight loss. I also suggest you pick out a workout routine to accelerate results and look good while losing weight.

Speaking of looking good, there are a lot of workout routines out there but not all can help you get the "look" you want. Having an idea on how will you look like is a great start in choosing a workout routine because most are designed to achieve a certain look.

In choosing a workout regimen, high intensity and progression is also important to lose weight. Getting your heart rate up while exercising is a sure fire way to make you lose weight fast and based from experience, make you feel good after.

Click here for some considerations in choosing from workout routines.

Use Social Support for Additional Motivation

I often neglect the value of social support, but eventually learned that it really helps to get support from family and friends to increase motivation and achieve faster results. If you feel otherwise, I am sure you will find the right kind of support from the right kind of people. There is a thing called social factor when it comes to weight loss.

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Most of what you will learn here comes from diligent research and experience. Visit more often to learn new things to take control of your weight and enjoy life. Little by little you can create new habits, before you know it you have the ability to lose weight at command and keep it off.

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