High Fiber Diet Benefits
in Weight Loss and Health

Some diet programs have a high fiber diet overall. See why experts recommend it to stay healthy and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle without paying for a diet program. This is also good news if you are starting to lose weight and want long term results.

Understanding Fiber


Numerous people have already heard of the term fiber but its definition still remains unclear among several individuals. From an expert’s view, Dr. Jan McBarron defines fiber as a food component that contains no calories on its own.

He also mentioned two fiber types aside from defining fiber in general. First is the water-insoluble type can be obtained from whole grains and vegetables. This type contributes to the diet’s bulk or mass.

On the other hand, the water-soluble type is found in oat products, fruits, and seeds. They stay inside the stomach longer so it makes you feel full for a longer time.

How a High Fiber Diet Helps in Weight Loss

For one, fiber provides chewing satisfaction. Primarily, this can be attributed to the bulk provided by water-insoluble fibers like found in vegetables and whole grains. Furthermore, the water-soluble fibers can make people feel less hungry. Therefore, there would be fewer tendencies to take in between meal food or eat more than what their diet program recommends. Combine fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet and you’re on your way to your goals.

High Fiber Diet Health Benefits…Part 1

Dr. McBarron discusses fiber’s health benefits depending on the fiber type people consume. Water insoluble fiber lowers the risk of developing cancer as they easily pass along the digestive tract and carry cancer-inducing components with them. It also has the ability to form a gel after absorbing water within the digestive tract. Once they have undergone this process, they can check out cholesterol so it lowers the risk of heart problems.

High Fiber Health Benefits…Part 2

Recently, ingredient provider Tate & Lyle presented their commissioned research on soluble corn fiber and how it contributes to bone health. According to the research, soluble corn fiber presents the ability to enhance calcium absorption, which is essential for the bones. When you are working out, good bone health is important especially if you lift weights.

An article published on Harvard School of Public Health cited how fiber can contribute in lowering the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Their studies presented a decrease in Type 2 diabetes’ risk to a diet consisting of cereal fiber in high amounts. A similar research conducted by the Black Women’s Health Study also presented similar results.

A Practical Diet Solution


As noted there are a lot of benefits you can get in incorporating a diet with high fiber to lose more weight. It can make you less hungry and resist cravings; which are good for starters. There will be initial discomfort losing weight but a high fiber diet can minimize the chances of overeating, not to mention all the other health benefits too.

I am not saying that you should eat all fruits, whole grains, cereals etc. everyday and not enjoy the occasional pizza or fast food; that’s just not practical for someone who wants to enjoy food no matter the ingredients are.

Incorporate more fiber to achieve a calorie deficit throughout the week. A high fiber diet most days of the week can make you feel less hungry and you will achieve that calorie deficit without pushing yourself on the edge. On weekends and occasions, there will still be some calorie restriction but the priority is enjoying food and the company; focus on the food and its quality not the quantity.

This is a long-term strategy to control your weight, with the help of fiber in your diet.

Considering all the fiber properties noted by experts and following this program can result to improved health and even a lowered the risk of developing other ailments. The good thing about a high fiber diet is it is supported by numerous studies done by experts.

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