Use Workout Songs to Do Your Best


Motivation. Workout songs are there to give you a certain boost in order to strictly follow your workout program. I have used great music from all genres to motivate me working out.

Not all the time workout songs have to be loud, and angry. Cardio in the treadmill or lifting alone in the weight room is a great time to be alone with your thoughts like me.

Assuming your workout program is designed well in the sets, reps and you know what kind of exercise you will be doing, you will just count silently and do the next set again. In my case this frees a lot of time to think about things. I also included some ideas for great music to listen to when your mind is active while working out.

Understanding Workout Mood

Why do you need workout songs to perk you up? There will be times that you may underperform your sets and reps and that short boost that you can get from songs like rock, hip-hop or dance makes your time worthwhile in the gym.

Workout mood sets the pace in how well you follow your program. You need to be in the optimal mood to get results. A great body demands workout consistency so you cannot afford to feel lazy or off before and during your exercise routine.

Match your Fatigue or Stress Levels


Workout music will help you perform well in the gym. This is done by balancing your mood which greatly affects your performance. If you are tired, rock and hip-hop can get the energy going. When you feel too much stress or tired going into working out, calming music like RNB or jazz is a good idea or resting will benefit your mind and body more than lifting weights.

Do you notice when you are in a good, balanced mood working out you think and perform better? This helps in avoiding injuries because too much bad stress can restrict your breathing. That can cause injuries, or can make you faint if you are lifting weights on top of your head when blood circulation is not good.

Increase Boost at Certain Times of Day


I normally workout in the early morning before work, and there are times when getting up and preparing is difficult. I chose the morning to workout because there are a lot less people in the gym, and there is no stress in the morning, I feel like I can do my best.

Great workout songs for this type of day are dj mixes like the ones you can download for free at Just sign up for free and you can even comment on the dj’s mixes if you want. There are a lot to choose from especially if you want to spice things up a bit. Who says you can’t enjoy mixes in the morning? J

When you workout at night though after your job, you may feel a bit tired going to the gym. Some rock music can boost your adrenaline up like songs from Rage Against the Machine, Korn or Slipknot. If that is too much heavy metal rock for you, alternative songs I listen to are from Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and many others.

Workout Songs for Thinking

When you do find yourself thinking about memories, plans, and dreams while doing cardio, great genres of workout songs to listen to are jazz, classical, love songs or classical music. You will not feel the workout in general (unless you are doing intense cardio) while thinking. It is a great substitute for watching shows in case your gym has that setup.

It is also a great time to listen to podcasts audiobooks or other mp3s if you’re into that kind of thing. I enjoy personal development podcasts because you will want good stress before, during and after workout. Problems like the bills, the office politics among other things can get in the way of a great workout day. You do not want to associate gym and thinking about problems if you want to develop a healthy lifestyle.

You will want your time in the gym to be time well spent. You can do this by balancing your mood through workout songs. When your mind and breathing is in top shape, you will follow strictly your workout program and see results.

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