How Can Walking for Fitness
Change Your Lifestyle


Walking for fitness is one of the best ways to start changes to lose weight. Walking has been the most convenient and easiest ways to start any physical activity. While this alone cannot make you lose crazy amount of pounds, you can achieve measurable results just by starting to walk. Here’s the how and why.

The transition from living a very inactive lifestyle of being a couch potato to the fitness levels to have a rockin’ body is quite far. You can’t just say “okay from now on I will go to the gym to lose weight…” and just expect your body and mind to cooperate to follow a workout or diet program. Sheer willpower in this scenario is not enough if you want to change your lifestyle.

You need your willpower to sync with your body. The first thing anyone can do to start is walking. Walking for fitness is a good start to just get your body moving. Moving around a lot can tune your body for more physically challenging activities that is demanded from a workout program.

Start Walking; Start Now

The good thing about walking is you don’t have to force yourself too much. Instead of talking the elevator, why not take the stairs? Unless you need to go the 54th floor, walking upstairs is a good substitute for an elevator.

Small Steps


Now you realize how easy you can start walking for fitness, you now can take it a step further and do it consistently. For example, instead of driving to the gym, I started walking every morning and just did it for a month. Instead of doing steady cardio on the treadmill after a high intensity cardio, it also served as a good warm up before lifting weights, especially after waking up in the morning. An extra pound or two per week lost is an indicator that the more physical activities you do, the more you lose weight along with your diet.

Choose a way that you can integrate walking into your daily activity. You can walk your dog every morning at least 30 minutes, or you can walk around the village for 30 minutes if you do not have any dog. Like in an earlier example, you can start walking to lower floors instead taking the elevator.

Do it for a month. This is a practice on how you can get consistent on a promise you set yourself. Before starting any weight training or diet program, make sure you can get consistent with it or else it’s time and money not spent wisely. The good thing about walking for fitness is that it is easy to start and get consistent with. If you can just do anything you set your mind into for a month then you can make bigger and more challenging promises and won’t have that much struggle.

Same procedure with any diet changes, pick a thing you can do that will make you eat less and do it for a month. If you can make small changes in diet and stick to it, you will enjoy a lean and healthy body in the long run.

Share Walking


Walking for fitness is easy to do and get consistent with you can also share it with someone. If your spouse wants to get started to lose weight, you can take him/her for a walk anywhere for at least 30 minutes and do it for a month. Not only will you share the same benefits of starting small and getting consistent in fitness, this is also a chance to communicate and focus on being together.

My girlfriend is not a fitness enthusiast like I am; but she enjoyed walking and jogging with me. Every weekend morning I jog and walk with her and our relationship is getting better by the minute.

Walking for fitness won’t make you lose some crazy amount of weight in X number of weeks. But if you want long-term and significant lifestyle changes, walking is easy to do and get consistent with. Start by finding a way in your life to walk for 10-20 minutes and do it for a month; or any amount of time you want. Sharing this goal with your loved one can also improve your chances of sticking to your promise.

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