Treadmill Workout

You might wonder how it is you can have a treadmill workout plan, as all you have to do is hop on and start walking, running or jogging right? Though this is the basic principal of a treadmill routin, actual plans do exist to help you achieve your goal at a pace with which you are comfortable. You can opt for a weight loss workout, heart healthy routine or train to do marathons and other races, but you could keep it simple and just decide to build up your endurance or let off some steam.

Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose weight, you can do so in a healthy way in as little as one week, provided you follow this routine. Start on whichever day of the week you like, boot-up your treadmill and do a half hour power walk immediately followed by 20 minutes of strength training. The next day, do a three minute easy to brisk walk to warm up, power walk for a couple of minutes, run for another two, then repeat the warm up and power walk ten times before ending with a light two minute walk to cool down.

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On the third day, walk slowly for a five minute warm up, do 12 repetitions of a strength-training move, spend three minutes power walking at a four to six incline and repeat the first two parts of the routine six times prior to your five minute cool down. The fourth day is a repeat of the second day with the only difference being to repeat the first couple of steps six times instead of ten, shaving 15 minutes off the workout.

Day five is an exact repeat of the treadmill workout plan you did on the first day while the following day is a bit different. Start day six with a five minute warm up, then power walk for two minutes, run for four and repeat parts one and two six times before doing a four minute cool down. When you finish this workout, you get to rest all day on the seventh day and can start up again on the eighth day.

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Any treadmill workout plan is naturally going to help strengthen your muscles and tone your body but if you want more muscles, a defined tone and overall strength, you need to increase the intensity of your workout. If you are not in good shape or new to working out, you need to take this type of exercise slowly and maybe seek the advice of a trainer or gym instructor to avoid injury.

A strengthening workout on the treadmill consists of mostly walking slowly or briskly and at an incline, as this helps build the muscles of the legs and buttocks. To develop arm strength, you need to add dumbbells, weighting no more than three pounds each, to your routine. Depending on your comfort level, coordination and current physical condition, you may also opt to do chest presses or curls while walking, not running, on the treadmill.


Walking is one of the best ways to strengthen your heart muscles and promote circulatory health and using a pre-programmed treadmill workout plan is a good way to achieve this goal. If you have any type of heart or circulatory condition, it is best to consult your physician first but once you have clearance, make sure to start off slow so you do not exert yourself. As you build up endurance, you can do longer walks, increase the incline and eventually do some jogging or running, though you do not have to enhance your workout if it makes you uncomfortable.

Following a treadmill workout plan is a good way to start your journey to getting in shape, becoming stronger and improving your overall health, though over time, you can change things up to make your routine a bit more exciting. Using a treadmill is also beneficial because you have no excuse not to workout, especially if you have your own machine, as weather, cost and transportation create no barriers.

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