Navy Seals Workout

A Navy Seals workout is one that is sure to get you in shape, promote heart health and give you the strength, endurance and physique you so greatly desire. However, this type of workout requires hard work and dedication, as you are not going to see results over night. You also need to prepare yourself mentally so you maintain motivation and stick with this workout routine, just like a Navy Seal.

Calisthenics Workout

A calisthenics workout is one that requires endurance and determination, as it demands you to utilize all the muscles in your body, even ones you did not know existed. Performing this type of exercise also means you need to know the proper way to workout or you are sure to strain your muscles.

To prevent such a problem, you should always stretch your body before and after you workout, do a warm up and a cool down, and try not to workout your whole body in one day or consecutively focus on the same area. As an alternative, if you want to workout your entire body in one day, follow up by doing only cardio exercises the next day, as this helps you build a healthy heart and endurance while loosening your muscles and preventing strains or pulls.

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A Navy Seals workout utilizes a mixed form of calisthenics in order to optimize strength and endurance.

  • You can opt to start with your upper or lower body first and then alternate each day.

  • For your lower body, start with a cardio exercise, such as biking, and do this for three minutes.

  • After warming up your legs, you can begin to do lunges, squats and heel raises at 15 to 30 repetitions per leg.

  • To cool down and prevent back problems, follow your workout with a plank pose, reverse pushups or birds.


When doing the Navy Seals workout for your upper body, you should again start with some form of cardio, whether it is running, biking, using a stair climber or jumping rope, though pushups and jumping jacks are ideal. Once your cardio workout is complete, you can move on to doing pull ups, more pushups and working on your abs.

You can also incorporate lunges and squats into your upper body workout because they strengthen your back and improve balance. At the end of your workout, cool down with some more cardio.

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In addition to working your arms and legs, the Navy Seals workout is not complete without a lot of crunching. In keeping with the true traditon of a workout fit for a Navy Seal, you must do a minimum of 150 crunches per session.

You can do 25 sets of the following crunches in any order, but you must do double crunches, bicycle crunches, standard and reverse crunches, as well as right and left crunches, plus a one minute plank pose.

If this Navy Seals workout sounds overwhelming, take a moment and break it down. Realistically, it should not take you more than an hour a day to do this workout, plus it does not require weights or a gym membership. It also does not demand that you start off strong and out do a Navy Seal, but you do have to push yourself in order to build your muscles and tone your body.

If you stop every time you get tired, you are not going to build any endurance and your results are going to be minimal. As a side note, it is important to remember to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout since your body sweats out a lot of water while also losing electrolytes, which you can replace with sports drinks or vitamin waters.

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