Home Workout Routines

Sometimes home workout routines are the best way to get in shape, as you do not feel self-conscious about anyone watching you, getting a baby-sitter is not a problem and you can exercise on your time, not to mention the money you save on a gym membership and transportation. However, if you are the type of person that needs motivation, this may not be the best way for you to workout, unless you consider an exercise video good company and enough to get you moving.

You also need to find the type of workout that is best for you, as some people prefer to do ten or twenty minutes worth of exercise a couple of times a day whereas others like to do all cardio and go until they are pushed beyond their limits.

Twenty Minutes

If you do not have twenty minutes, you are in trouble because the one thing about working out is that it does take time and it does require a commitment.

If you do have twenty minutes, start with some cardio to loosen your muscles, get your blood flowing and help stretch your body. You can jog in place for three minutes, then follow up with fifty jumping jacks, which by the way, are great for love handles.

Next, workout your mid-section with ten hip lifts and 15 traditional, then reverse, crunches. Move on to toning your legs by doing a minute each of mountain climbers, squat thrusts and step ups. Once your legs are feeling good, build up your arms by doing 15 pushups and then, repeat the whole workout. When you finish these home workout routines, cool down with a three-minute walk or light jog in place.

Pregnancy Workouts

Being pregnant is a blessing but it can also destroy your body so if you can work out, do so and start from day one because if you do not get in shape before you get a big belly, it is going to be hard to impossible to do anything but walk, which is still better than nothing.

If you opt to exercise in the comfort of your abode, you can choose from a number of home workout routines, from yoga to Pilates to aerobics. However, you may want to focus on this one routine, as it not only keeps love handles at bay and helps eliminate back fat, but it also strengthens your back, which is important as your baby grows.

Core Bands

If you have a core band, great, if not, they are inexpensive to buy and worth the investment. Simply place an end of the band under one foot and put the other side in both hands. Raise your arms up to the center of your chest, fully extend them and move your shoulders left to right, then repeat ten times before switching the foot under which you placed the band and do another ten repetitions.


The next exercise in this routine requires two, five to ten pound dumbbells and starts with you spreading your feet apart, then turning so one foot is behind the other, as if you are walking. Holding the weights in front of you and down, slowly begin to bend just until your back curves, not until it is flat or fully extended.

Then, stand up and bring the weights into the middle of your chest so that your arms are in a flexed position. Repeat this exercise five times and then turn to the opposite direction so that your other foot is now in front.

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Finally, you can finish up these home workout routines with a simple stretching exercise, as all you need to do is spread your legs, touch your right leg, as low as you can, with your right hand and raise your left arm straight towards the sky. Hold this position for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat a few times.

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Home workout routines are great because you can do them on your schedule, do not have to waste time driving anywhere, pay for a gym membership or feel self-conscious while you exercise. They also offer a wide range of options so you can switch up your workout depending on your mood, which can help keep you motivated. The important thing is, you have no excuse to be healthy and look great, so get off the computer and start moving!

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