Healthy Eating Plans for Weight Loss:

What Really Matters

There are lots of healthy eating plans that aim to help you either lose weight or just maintain overall health. This will help you decide on how you establish your eating habits whether you buy a diet program or just want to design your eating plans yourself.

To Buy or Not to Buy?


There are advantages and disadvantages of paid healthy eating plans and designing your own. Before making any purchase or changes, you decide first what is it you want to achieve. Are you changing your diet because you want to lose weight? Or you just want to take control of your overall weight and health?

Time and money investment in making changes should have a specific purpose and an achievable result.

Purchasing healthy eating plans to lose weight has its perks; like you just have to follow the guidelines, food groups or calorie amounts in the diet plan. That is a good thing if you do not want to do all the research and just want to implement action as soon as possible.


On the other hand, designing you own eating plan will take a lot of learning, reading and experimenting. It is easy to get lost in the sea of information if you do not have purpose and at least an idea of what you are looking for.

The good thing about it is that with no money invested, you can tweak some food groups based on your preferences. If you have some guidelines in the calorie amount, then it feels more like you have full control in your diet.

If you decide to just design your own eating plan, so should keep in mind that:

Balance is Important

Caution: do a background research on the product itself before buying, you do not want to waste time and money to only realize that it does not suit your taste and lifestyle. You always have control of your diet even with a healthy eating plan.

Whether it’s paid or you do it yourself, eating plans to control weight should teach you balance. If it does feel like torture or doesn’t define what you want to become, then that eating lifestyle is not for you.

When I tried the 1200 calorie diet in 6 small meals everyday, the first few weeks felt good because I feel I have so much control of my calorie intake. After a while though, it felt like torture because even at weekends you have to watch the calorie amount of 1200 and if you feel like going over, you have to at least “pay” for it the next week. With such a strict diet, it feels like torture if I was going to social events or family gatherings where I just want to enjoy food and the company.

That is when I tried to balance it out: 2-3 meals a day in moderation feels normal to me. I can decide when to restrict calories (which were mostly on weekdays because of being busy at work) and when to just enjoy food without going overboard of course.

Focus on Calories to Lose Weight

Diet plans to lose weight should focus on calorie restriction and should be flexible with food choices. While I promote fruits and vegetables to feel full for less calories, that doesn’t mean it is all you have to eat. We all come from different cultures and enjoy specific cuisines so that should not hinder your way to control weight.

Calories should be the main concern of healthy eating plans if you want to lose weight. Remember that it should not take control of your life. The essence of diet plans is to practice control of calorie amount and food choices.

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