Effective Fitness Tips for Teens of Today


As family and friends, fitness tips for teens can become a good foundation for the future generation's healthy  lifestyle. While today’s young generation has become more and more inactive because of the fast changing industry of video games and online social interaction, fitness should be introduced in molding a young mind.

Here are some effective tips to start ‘em young.

Parent’s Role


Parents play a crucial role in planting the seed in their children’s young minds. Because parents can be very busy nowadays, it may be difficult to find time to help kids develop a healthy and active lifestyle.

Time isn’t supposed to stop parents from raising their child with more than financial support; a young age is crucial especially in teen years. They absorb and emulate lots of information they can get from their environment and at home.

If fitness isn’t part of the process of their growth through some fitness tips for teens, it will never be a part of them or it will be very difficult for them to start later on.

Spending Time Together

Weekends and holidays are great times to spend time for parents with their teens; Not only should it limited to going places and eating, but doing can activities together be a great way to integrate fitness tips for teens. Teens like to do something, very active minds and raging hormones make it easy. Parents can also enjoy the benefit of physical activities while bonding with teens.

Fitness Tips for Teens Part 1: Diet

1. I do not recommend teens going to extreme and fad diets that hinder teens from eating the foods they love. The important thing here is to control the amount of what they eat. Fast foods are a good example where they can overeat because it is readily available and served in big portions.

2. Fruits and vegetables: most teens I know don’t like them, heck, even I hated vegetables when I was young. But growing up I see the value of fruits and vegetables in controlling weight and feeling good inside. The best thing for parents to do is first set an example and not force them to eat anything.


I got the habit of eating fruits when I was a teenager when my dad bought fruits regularly rather than lots of chips. If I wanted chips I had to get out and buy it from the store; if I am lazy (which was quite often), I chow down on apples and later got the habit because I am used to the taste.

Vegetables on the other hand are staple in the dining table so whenever I came from taekwondo training or playing basketball. Coming home tired and hungry, I had no choice but to either eat a lot of rice and/or vegetables.

I did not understand how important vegetables are until one day I noticed whenever I was filled with meat and carbohydrates only, I felt and looked different.

I started to feel the difference when I started dieting at the age of 18 and had fruits and veggies a regular part of my diet. I am not that into all that calorie restriction that time but I notice how great I feel chowing down on fruits most of the time and still enjoyed the occasional chips and fried food.

As for food preparation; it is good practice to most of the time at home with home-cooked meals. Parents are not only in control of the amount and what food they share with their teens but also it is a great time to open lines of communication while at the dining table.

My younger years I regret not having that much time spent in the dining table with my parents because they were too busy and I was always outside. I partly blame becoming overweight that time to my indulgence in quickly prepared meals outside that were either dipped in oil or fried to perfection. J

TeensHealth along with other fitness tips for teens, had an article published and reviewed by Dr. Mary L. Gavin. She has a recommendation of preparing meals and lunches at home instead of buying them from fast food chains or cafeterias.

Parents and even teens can choose healthier food options for lunch and provide a variety of meals they won’t usually get from these food establishments.

Changing up the diet menu often can be a slick way to have some veggies and fruits in the diet. I remember when I was a teenager I would like to try anything new, and diet is no different.

Fitness Tips for Teens Part 2: Exercise and Physical Activity

I had no problems getting lazy in the house and not have any physical activity. I practiced martial arts, I play basketball regularly with friends, even with my dad. But I understand that other than focusing on fitness tips for teens like this, the young nowadays indulge in the enjoyment of very cool video games, either online or off. I even see reports of children becoming addicted to only games, which is sad because I think they are missing the point of living.

I am a fan of RPG’s and MMORPG, but all are just games to me and not a part of everyday living. I can get hooked for a period of time, but if you have physical activity ingrown to your system it is hard to stay put. It feels better hanging out with friends and doing activities like running, basketball, football, volleyball, and many others. Not only do you see the people you are playing with, but also you have an outlet for raging hormones.

Any sport is one of the best fitness tips for teens and a good way to start controlling your weight at a young age. It is easy to get consistent, because you make friends and develop your game which is fun. I ate a lot when I was 17 but physical activity gave that sort of balance until I wanted abs.

Take control of your weight young with these effective fitness tips for teens. Doing so can make you enjoy life more by staying healthy. It is easier also to get a rockin’ body as an adult if you develop at least some habits like eating fruits and vegetables, controlling too much eating and having a physical activity like a sport.

Remember to go easy on yourself and make any habit as simple and as doable as possible for you.

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