Fast Weight Loss Diets :
What You Need to Know

Fast weight loss diets are quite popular because there are promises of instant weight loss for less time. In a fast paced world where people want to lose weight as soon as possible, you sometimes can't help but get the urge to buy or follow a quick weight loss diet.

While it is a universal truth that you have to cut calories to lose weight, doing it drastically won't do you any good. The simple truth is that you cannot go low calories for too long. Even the most motivated person will give in to social pressure or self-sabotage doing so.

One of the worst designs of diet I ever encountered is a 1000-calorie 5-6 meal super strict diet. It is a very unstable way to lose weight. 

Dealing with Fast Weight Loss Diets

Mental Challenge

The concept is to reduce drastically the amount of calories you are usually eating at the less amount of time to see results. Although it can really help you lose a lot of weight like promised, the side effects of avoiding most of the foods you are used to eat can be difficult depending on your situation.

On the up side if you have a lot of fat, this might work in your favor. Having a surplus of fat allows your body to access it as a source of energy, thus it is not as bad compared to a person without much fat to lose.

So basically your struggle will come from the transition of changing your lifestyle from eating more than your body requires to eating less than your basal metabolic rate to create that deficit.

Extremely low calorie diets will be much difficult if you do not have much fat to lose, but if you do, then a sudden burst of a fast weight loss diet program will make your body into a fat burning machine.

It's all about the calories

Losing weight is a simple formula of creating a calorie deficit for a certain period of time to allow your body to use fat as a source of energy. However you want to do it is basically up to you.

It is still possible to follow a 1000 calorie diet 2 to 3 times a week. However you want to eat depends on your lifestyle and food choices. 5-6 small meals are difficult if you are aiming for a 1000 calorie diet while one or two meals are fine.


1000, 1200, 500 or even 600 calorie diets or any low calorie diets should not be done 3 days in a row. Separate evenly throughout the week when there is not much happening and you can control what you will eat.

Consider such diets a sudden burst of effort to lose the maximum weight in less time. Doing it for a long time can result to binge eating if suddenly you give up. Hence the term "crash diets".

I would recommend fast weight loss diets like 1000 calorie per day or water fasting at situations like:

  • after the holidays where you may have eaten more than you should
  • a weekend of sudden increase in calories to balance it out
  • days before a vacation or a holiday

As you see the pattern, eat less when you need to compensate for a day or two of big eating. Food is a way for people to celebrate, and eating on "diet mode" always for the sake of "not gaining weight" is a sure fire way to alienate people around you and miss all the good food life has to offer.


If you want to get consistent at your weight loss efforts, here are some tips:

  • budget your calories on a weekly basis
  • eat less most days of the week when you are not around friends and family or are focused on work
  • use a weight loss diet technique like intermittent fasting or 1000 calorie per day one or two days before/after the "big event"

Intermittent fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week has proven to improve my concentration when there is so much to do at work. Click here to learn more about an intermittent fasting program that worked for me to lose 50 pounds.

The essence of fast weight loss diets is to create a maximum calorie deficit for fat loss. If done properly, can be a good tool for long term weight loss. One good example of a technique is Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat (click here for more details); a relaxed way to lose weight and enjoy the foods you love at the same time.

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