Exercises for Women

How to Get the Results You Need


Before you do any exercises for women, you have to remember a few things. This article tackles simple strategies for any woman who wants to exercise. You will also find a handy checklist to make sure that you find the right type of exercise for you.

Exercising often is really one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. It helps to get that sexy figure you will want to match that dress you want to wear, and allows you to flaunt that bikini you want to wear to impress your man or if you’re single, to attract the man of your dreams.

Along with a calorie deficit in your diet, you can take control of your weight and get those sexy curves you can be proud of.

Exercise Can Help You Lose Weight


Trying to lose weight? Exercise will help you to lose weight quicker.


With a proper calorie deficit-oriented diet, you can turn your body into a fat burning machine with the right combination of exercises for women.

A recent study done by the National Weight Control registry showed that the 76% of people who kept their weight off (for 5 years) did one hour of exercise a day. This study just shows the importance of regular exercise. Exercise is not something you “just do”; if you want to take control of your weight you make it a part of your lifestyle.

The key here is consistency; so make sure you ask yourself first:

  • Do I or would I ENJOY exercising?
  • Does the exercise challenge me and make me sweat?
  • Will I realistically be able to do those exercises?
  • Am I still interested in the workouts?
  • Does it help me achieve the results I want?

If you don’t have the time to do some research on creating your own exercise, get a workout regimen with exercises for women that aim to get lean and not bulky like this course by Rusty Moore called Visual Impact for Women, a good exercise program specifically for the look most women want.

A Good Example of Exercise to Lose Weight


A good example of an exercise routine is circuit training. It can be done with cardio, weights, or a combination of both. In this example, you can create your own circuit at home or at gym, by doing one cardio exercise (for example a mountain climber) and then one weights exercise (for example lunges).

In workout terms, it is called a “superset”, in which you want to take as little rest as possible to keep your heart rate up. This allows your body to burn more calories for less time.

The secret to burning fat with exercise is to “force” your body to do so. Exercises for women such as circuit training deplete your glycogen stores, which forces your body to burn fat to fuel your cardio workouts.

What this means is that if you do weight training and then cardio afterwards, your body will tap into and directly burn your fat stores. So for maximum fat burn, do weight training and then 15-20 minutes of cardio afterwards. And be sure to pick up the cardio pace every 2 minutes or so.

...Want to know another secret?

Do not have any form of calorie intake 3 hours before and 2 hours after exercising. Again it sort of “forces” your body to use fat as a form of energy. Taking in calories before makes the body use that for energy. This is not a good idea if you want to burn as much fat as possible.

Exercises for women, like any workout program, should not bore you and help you achieve results. Make sure your exercise regimen helps you achieve that lean and sexy look through consistent, progressive exercise plus a calorie deficit in your diet to achieve maximum weight loss.

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