Simple and Easy Fitness Tips
to Get You Started

Easy fitness tips are good ways to get small changes that can be very rewarding. Such small changes through time won’t feel like you are chasing a dream body you won’t have. Losing a pound or two can definitely help you get consistent.

In order to have dramatic changes in the way you look, make a simple promise to yourself and stick to it. It won’t always be easy to get there, but as long as you start with easy fitness tips, you’re on your way to achieve the results you want.

Finding the Time and Motivation


Time is the primary reason why people look for simple fitness tips. Everyone seems to be very busy with their daily activities that sometimes thinking about diet and exercise are not included on their schedules. To see faster results, you will want ways that are simple to do in order to at least get started.

When I started to want to lose weight, I had an idea on how much I want to lose. Because I was overweight in proportion to my height, I wanted to lose 30 pounds. Seems like a lot knowing that my previous lifestyle involved doing no exercise and eating whatever I want. But I started with easy fitness tips I think I can handle.

For example I cut snacks from my diet. It was the only thing I did to my diet at first after a few weeks the weighing scale did not lie: my first two pounds lost. Although it’s farfetched from 30 pounds, knowing I can achieve measurable results like that means I just have to pick other simple fitness tips in diet and exercise and just do it.

Doing one thing like no snacks in my diet and getting results from it got me wondering: “what if I did a lot of things and just got consistent?”

Use the analogy of weight training in getting consistent with any changes. Of course you cannot lift 300 pounds immediately if you are just starting. You start with 20 or 30 then proceed when things start to get easy.

Get Started Tips

Back to the basics of walking


Walking is still regarded as the undisputed, simplest form of exercise that everyone can do. Doing this activity daily has numerous benefits aside from simply losing weight.

According to Chris Kilham, a university professor, this activity strengthens leg muscles, which is vital for athletes, improve mood and reduce stress, improves blood and oxygen circulation, and a lot more.

Walking is a simple fitness activity but several options can make it more enjoyable. Walking dogs is perhaps one of the enjoyable forms of walking. You will not only get a good workout but also your pets will have stronger leg muscles.

Furthermore, walking while listening good music can also make time fly faster and complete the target walking duration daily. I find walking with someone also a very good way to exercise and have a conversation.

Get Movin'

Other than the gym, you can do many simple things outside that won’t make you feel too much of a physical activity. Among the recommended easy fitness tips I use is to use stairs in going to lower floors of buildings like hospitals, malls and other establishments.

Control Cravings


Easier said than done but you need to control cravings and not the other way around. A good way to remedy this is to give yourself small rewards if you control cravings for a certain period of time, of course such rewards doesn’t involve food. That way you reinforce the idea that feeling good doesn’t always have to involve too much food.

Another is to stay busy with other things in life that makes you feel good. Spending time with your family, significant other and friends that involves physical activities is a good idea of taking your mind out of cravings.

With proper self discipline, doing things consistently will seem natural. It doesn't matter if you start small like what I did - skip snacks; eventually I looked in fasting and a structured meal plan. All of this techniques in diet I eventually got into because I just started to skip meals.

Weight loss starts from making small promises and sticking to it. All the things I mentioned are easy fitness tips to get you started in a lifestyle that will lead to measurable results.

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