Crossfit Workouts

Crossfit workouts are among those exercise routines that fall outside of the typical workout programs. Anyone who has tried them will attest to how intense the sessions are. The exercises will help to boost your strength levels and they are suitable for any body type. Trainers design the routines to improve your conditioning, and over time you may notice an increase in your overall endurance.

One of the best things about crossfit workouts is that you can tailor the routines to your needs or your level of fitness. Due to the rigorous nature of the routines, it makes sense to get the okay from a doctor before starting. Always remember that no matter how many exercises you do, the program itself is always evolving.

What Exactly is It?

Technically, it is a series of exercises compressed into a set period. Sometimes, participants gain scores that depend on the trainer’s criteria. The routines utilize functional movements done at high intensity. One of the reasons for the popularity of this workout program is its scalability making it useable for just about anyone.

The nature of this program is such that crossfit gyms need to be set-up differently from traditional ones for this activity. The program intentionally combines exercises that people often do separately, which are:

  • Weight lifting to build muscle
  • Aerobics for cardiovascular health and endurance
  • Body weight exercises such as pull ups and push-ups

In any one session, you could perform a number of routines from each type of exercise. Short rest periods are also a feature of this type of program, but the rest periods will vary depending on what the session and the participants require. One of the advantages of crossfit workouts is that the sessions usually do not last for more than 30 minutes. This is especially beneficial to busy people who are not able to spend an hour or more at the gym for each workout.

The Types of Equipment

Some companies are now marketing products specifically to people who are interested in crossfit workouts. Many of the activities involve standard pieces of gym equipment such as dumbbells, barbells and exercise mats. Due to the constant evolution of the routines, additional equipment is necessary such as:

  • Medicine balls
  • Kettlebells
  • Plyo boxes for jumping routines
  • Gymnastic rings
  • Conditioning ropes

If you are new to this type of fitness activity, you will need to familiarize yourself with them and learn how they fit into your routines.

Crossfit at Home

You can also follow this program from the comfort of your home by joining websites and following the daily routines. You can also join forums where you become a member of various crossfitter communities. Three vital piece of equipment are the jump rope, free weights and kettlebells, and you can add others over time.

Next, you will need something to help you do pull-ups and dips. This can be as simple as the concrete ledge from a flight of stairs or the bars on a play gym in the park.  If you can afford it, you should try to get this equipment to use at home:

  • Pull-up bars
  • Exercise balls
  • Barbells with weights
  • Medicine balls (2 different weights)
  • Kettlebells (2 different weights)
  • Rowing machine

This said, it is a good idea to go watch a few class or even take an introductory class before starting on your own. For the at home crossfitters, creativity is necessary as you need will need to find ways to compensate for equipment you lack. You can also research programs to get the exercise of the day and get going.

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Some Steps

In most programs, the routine uses a four-part approach, namely warming-up, strength or skill training, a workout of the day and the cooling down session. Warming up normally involves a series of activities including jumping rope, jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, lunges and even pull-ups.

On strength training days, the routine may include deadlifts or pull-ups. Work-out-of-the-day (WOD) is when the fun really starts as you go through a series of exercises quickly or you may need to complete one routine but to do this intensely for a set time. The cooling phase involves stretches and lying down to calm your muscles.

For anyone who does not like set routines, crossfit workouts offer the best program to follow. No two days are ever the same and some people like it for the fast, intense patterns that are integral to this routine. At the end of the day, this type of fitness program builds a body that is stronger, healthier and that has greater endurance.

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