Cardio Interval Training
vs Steady Cardio

...which one burns more fat?

Cardio interval training and steady state cardio works for losing weight, but both has its pros and cons. In this article we will look at the benefits of both types of cardio and which will help you burn the most fat.

Interval Training: Study and Results


A 2008 study published in the journal of obesity showed that women who did 20 minutes of interval training, 3 days a week, lost an average of 6 pounds over 15 weeks (with no change to diet). Cardio interval training has also been shown as one of the most effective workout to burn fat in numerous other studies. It’s a fun, high intense way of training which will help you get lean and fit.

Steady State Cardio

You need to do a lot more hours of steady state cardio to get the results you would get with cardio interval training. A study published in the International journal of sports nutrition and exercise metabolism showed a group of women who did 45 minutes of steady state cardio for 5 days a week, lost weight yet didn’t see any change to their body composition after 15 weeks.

Interval Training vs Steady

So which type will help you lose most fat - interval training or steady state cardio? While studies above show that both methods burn fat, they do at different rates.

The key element in effectively losing weight is consistency, so if you cannot invest the time required to do steady state cardio at levels to burn fat, then interval training is a practical alternative.

Doing interval training has its price also; to have the benefit of burning fat, you need to be consistent, progressive and intense every time to see results. A good cardio program can help you do that and more importantly give you direction to see results.

Visual Impact Cardio is one example of a great workout program to help you master fat burning through cardio interval training.

What is Visual Impact Cardio?


Rusty Moore has created visual impact cardio to end the confusion about cardio for fat loss. His revolutionary fitness program dishes out all the secrets like:

  • A simple “time element” to activate the system in your body which burns the most calories.
  • How the precision of cardio machines will allow you to reach your fat loss goals faster.
  • Cardio periodization cycles to lose body fat without hitting sticking points.
  • Strategic cardio routines to take you to the finish line of hitting your fat loss goals.
  • Three Complete 8-Week Workout Cycles – taking you from where you are now to your ideal body fat percentage quickly.

The visual impact cardio program will open your eyes to the simple secrets of fat loss with cardio that I learned years and years of reading, experimenting and failing. I recommend this to cut your learning curve and get right into action.

Cardio training can be very confusing. If you want avoid confusion and reach your fat loss goals faster, you need more than the conventional advice. Discover all the secrets of mastering fat burn with the Visual Impact Cardio program.

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