The Best Cardio Workout
for Maximum Results


For maximum weight loss you need to do the best cardio workout there is. Steady state cardio is the common way I notice people do cardio. It produces results but research shows demands a lot of time compared to the cardio workout I have been doing to turn my body into a fat burning furnace.

This article will help you to maximize your weight loss potential. This can be added if you do weight training sessions to look lean or just don’t have all the time in the world demanded from steady cardio.

Meet HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training); a good alternative to steady state cardio. Spend most of your time on high intensity training and you will see great results.

The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training


When you do high intensity interval training you do alternate sessions of short intense burst of effort and steady pace which serves as your rest, which burns more calories and boosts your metabolism.

It also helps you to burn more calories after your workout. Another perk of this technique is such short bursts of cardio will keep you interested and limit boredom (unlike long cardio). What’s more, research shows that brief, intense bursts of exercise can improve your cardiovascular level better than steady jogging can.

Sample High Intense Cardio Session

Here’s a sample HIIT cardio workout that I do often after weight training sessions. It’s only about 25 minutes long, making it perfect it do straight after weights or when you are short on time.


  1. Start at a moderate intensity and warm up for 2 minutes. Then slowly increase the intensity minute for minute (for a total of 5 minutes), until you almost reach your max.
  2. After your 5 minute buildup, reduce the intensity considerably and recover for 1 minute. Repeat the whole sequence 3 times.
  3. With your last repeat of the sequence, go to your maximum intensity with your last minute.
  4. Then slowly cool down with 2 minutes of easy cardio and stretches.

How Will I Know I am Doing it Right?

Like what I have discussed in how cardio workouts help you in your weight loss journey , the physical indicators that you are getting good cardio workouts are slight redness of skin, some shortness of breath and sweating.

Calorie Burned vs Steady State Cardio


A research study published done by the University of Toledo, showed that moderate intensity exertion burns more calories when done after high intensity exercise (like with the case with HIIT). To be exact, your metabolism is boosted for up to 48 hours after doing a HIIT workout.

This heightened state of metabolic rate can have you burning as much calories after your workout as you would during steady state cardio.

If you want to do the best cardio workout you can, you should take a look at HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. HIIT cardio workouts can help you to burn more calories during and even after your workout. And because HIIT workouts are short, they will keep you interested and prevent boredom. 

Want Faster Weight Loss?

The best cardio workout I discovered through the years is only one element to burn as much fat and lose as much weight as possible. Here are simple but great tips you can add to your cardio workout regimen.

  • Find a way to eat less consistently, and make it as simple and as doable for you as possible
  • Have no form calories two hours before and after your workout for maximum fat burn. 
  • Sleep well to recover more efficiently

Enjoy life – fitness is as simple as you want to be. Learn to take control of your weight without hindering things you enjoy.

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